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Tue 17th April, 2018

WHAT SEARCHES DO I NEED WHEN BUYING A HOUSE? - Alexandra Tarling LL.B(Hons), Head of Conveyancing

Your accredited Conveyancing solicitor will be able to advise accordingly depending on the area in which you wish to purchase a home.
There are several different types of searches your solicitor may conduct.
Local Authority searches : Arguably the most important search your solicitor will arrange, looking at all information held by the local authority involving the property, including any prospective plans for nearby new developments or roads. They will also show who is responsible for maintaining roads and paths adjoining the property.
Land Registry searches :
Your solicitor will need to prove that the property seller is the legal owner. They do this by checking the ‘title register’ and ‘title plan’ at the Land Registry.
Environmental searches :
It is important to establish whether the property is built on or near contaminated land or water, or an old landfill site. This type of search is required, because many properties are built on land previously used for industrial purposes and toxic substances could remain in the ground. If undiscovered you could find yourself with a home that is impossible to sell later, or even worse is a health hazard. This search should also show whether there is a risk of flooding.
Water Authority searches :
This will establish where your water comes from and whether there are any public drains on the property. If there is one it could affect any building work you want to do in the future, such as an extension

Though costly these searches are well worthwhile to avoid any nasty surprises when its all too late.

Alexandra Tarling LL.B(Hons), Head of Conveyancing

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